Teaser Out Now : Badshah’s New Song ‘Paani Paani’ – Jacqueline Fernandez, and Badshah

Bollywood rap king Badshah is back with another track to rock your summer playlists. Badshah’s new video song ‘Paani Paani’ has officially gotten its teaser released today (7th June) and the visuals are sizzling! Latest song released the new Poster.

When Badshah and Jacqueline Fernandez collaborated for “Genda Phool,” it became an instant hit. The rapper’s projects with Aastha Gill have largely hit the mark too. As the rapper-composer releases his new track titled “Paani Paani”, featuring Jacqueline Fernandez and sung by Aastha Gill, the expectations of fans were at an all-time high. But is it worth the wait? We have our doubts.

Shot in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, “Paani Paani” is set against the striking sand dunes. Jacqueline looks stunning from the very first frame, as do the beautiful locales. But the song as a whole takes its time to grow on you. If you are listening to it for its foot-tapping tempo, it’s a winner. Like Badshah said during an Instagram LIVE, the song is meant to be heard at a loud volume as the energy of the song is in its bass.

We truly cruel it when we say Paani Paani might fair be the most trending thing this summer. Don’t accept us? Take a see at the recently discharged mystery right Now!

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Listen to “Paani Paani” here:

The composition is a good blend of Rajasthani folk sound and instruments with Badshah’s rap. But it doesn’t do complete justice to the theme and culture of Rajasthan. “Paani Paani” lyrics have been written by Badshah, and they are the most disappointing part of the song. Badshah sure needs to work on his writing to take his songs up a notch.

Separated from the secret, the music video’s discharge date has been uncovered as well so keep yourselves free on the 9th of June, 2021 for there’s a stunner melody coming your way.

While we had already set up why Jacqueline Fernandez and Badshah make a regal twosome, we can’t hold up to see what the two powerhouse identities have in store for us with this music video! This upcoming most wanted song. Badshah’s New Song ‘Paani Paani’.

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badshah-Jacqueline-Fernandez-Download Paani Paani Song Mp3
badshah-Jacqueline-Fernandez-Download Paani Paani Song

On the other hand, Aastha Gill and Badshah have as of now given us a few tunes to move to. Particularly the track ‘Buzz’ which has been our go-to party melody for a great long time thus making us all the more anxious for their modern banger. We can’t hold up to listen their most recent collaboration. The track may be called ‘Paani Paani’ but we’re beyond any doubt it’s attending to be nothing less than fire!

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badshah-Jacqueline-Fernandez-Download Paani Paani Song Mp3
badshah-Jacqueline-Fernandez-Download Paani Paani music video

The song’s release too after watching the incredibly hot teaser! Until the big day, which we’d like to remind you is the 9th of June.

Talking about the song, Badshah wrote on social media, “We have worked really really hard for this. I have always made sure that I give the best to my audience and to the fans. Do something different from what I have done before and take it to the next level. It’s amazing how an idea transforms into a song. It wouldn’t have been possible without everyone working so hard towards that one single aim. Thank you @jacquelinef143 for being a slayer every time.

Probably the hardest working and the most no nonsense woman I have ever come across. You automatically take things to a different league. I think we have a perfect follow up to Genda Phool, the biggest song of last year to the biggest song of this year.”


Usne Mujhe Chua Bhi Nahi, Aisa Waisa Kush Hua Bhi Nahi,
Nazar Thi Paini Hui Bechaini,
Ankhon Ankhon Mein Shaitani Ho Gayi,

He didn’t even come close to touching me. Nothing like that ever happened between us.
The eyes were keenly looking, and the heart was restless.
And a mischief-making was carried out through the eyes.

Saiyan Ne Dekha Aise, Main Pani Pani Ho Gayi,
Main Pani Pani Ho Gayi, Main Pani Pani Ho Gayi,

When my beloved looked at me, I felt shy.

I was timid. I became timid.

Chalegi Kya, Glass Pada Hai Khali Bharegi Kya,
Sath Aye Launde Se Daregi Kya,
Andar Ki Feeling Se Ladegi Kya Ae,

  1. Would you like to accompany me? Would you mind filling my glass for me?
    2. Would you be afraid of these guys if they were with me?
    3. Would you go to war with your inner feelings?

Had Ho Gayi, Had Se Age Bhi Badhegi Kya,
9 Acre Mein Farm Farm Pe Ghode,
Ghode Pe Chadhegi Kya,

Enough already. Would you go beyond the point of no return?
I own a 9-acre farm with magnificent horses.
Do you want to ride a horse?

1-2-3 Gadike Bonet Se Nikle Pari,
Launde Age Kahin Tikte Nahi,
Batein Hain Kaidi Meri Likh Le Kahin,

Chal Niklein Kahin, Uh!

One! Two! There! An angel emerges from the trunk of the car.
The guys are here, but they don’t all sit in the same spot.
My words are powerful, and you should pay attention to them.
Let’s get out there.

Aisi Hoon Khoyi Kabhi Khoyi Hi Nahi,
Ankhein Mili Hai Jab Se Soyi Hi Nahi,
Duniya Se Sune Hai Kisse Tere,
Jane Kya Ayega Hisse Mere,

I’m lost as I’ve never been before.
I haven’t been able to sleep since I made eye contact with you.
I’ve heard your stories from all over the world.
I’m not sure if I’m going to get you or not.

Isi Khayal Mein Deewani Ho Gayi,
Saiyan Ne Dekha Aise,
Main Pani Pani Ho Gayi, Main Pani Pani,

All of this has turned me into a crazy lover.
I was bashful when my beloved looked at me.
I used to be extremely shy I became incredibly shy.

Image Kharab Kam Galat Hai,
News Mein Nam Ata Har Week,
Fir Bhi Jahan Se Guzroon, Har Bandi Ke Munh Se Nikle Cheekh,

My image is not good, and I work in a bad line of work.

Every week, my name is in the news.
But no matter where I go, every girl shouts out loud for me.

Hath Pakad Par Dil Na Laga,
Jo Kehti Hai Karke Dikha,
Sunne Mein Aya Hai, Tu Marti Hai Hum Pe,
Marke Dikha Han,

Hold my hand, but don’t give me your heart.
Prove to me what you said you could do for me.
I’ve discovered that you’re madly in love with me.
Could you please demonstrate this to me?

Rehne De Munh Bandh Rakh,
Ankhein Jo Kehti Hai Kehne De,
Bahut Ruki Hai Aaj Tu,
Pani Banke Khud Ko Behne De,

Forget about it! Don’t say anything.
Allow the eyes to speak for themselves.
You’ve been holding yourself back for far too long.
Allow yourself to be run over like water.

Aye! It’s Yo Boy Badshah.

Nazar Thi Paini Hui Bechaini,
Ankhon Ankhon Mein Shaitani Ho Gayi,
Saiyan Ne Dekha Aise,

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