5 Best Slasher Movies of All Time – Top Horror Thriller Movie list

First I will say that this movies list is not according to IMDb or other rating. I personally suggest these 5 most horror, slasher and thriller movies. Slasher flicks are the ultimate thrill-ride. Masked killers, bladed weapons, summer camps, innocent teens and tons of blood. Unlike the twists and turns of so many modern scary flicks, slashers’ & thrillers sinister beauty lies in their simplicity.

A horror/ slasher, seeking revenge, hunts down a group of young people in their nightmares. A family, desperate to maintain the status quo, hunts down a new member of the clan. A Wild Man, serial killer, psycho, wants out. Slashers have one goal in mind: to kill. The screen whenever our protagonists just can’t seem to do anything right. So enjoy our most demanded movie list. Below, the 5 best slasher movies of all time.

#5 Texas Chain Saw Massacre : 2014

This film have a disturbing concept with many kills. If anyone like this type bloody movies! Texas Chain Saw Massacre is good for them. The movie have other parts also. Another one that’s both an oldie and a goodie! The original Texas Chain Saw Massacre is disorienting in so many ways, and it works perfectly for its cast of normal-enough, unrecognizable young adults who are just on a trip to check some stuff out and wind up in a nightmare that most of them probably will never wake up from. Leatherface as the serial killer is, well, it’s a slasher classic for a reason. And by the end, you’ll feel just as brutal movement.

#4. You’re Next : 2011

There are final girls, like Halloween’s Laurie Strode and then there are final girls like Erin from You’re Next, who make it their mission to not only survive, but to fight, strategize, and ultimately outsmart their animals masked killers. Erin’s invited to her boyfriend’s innocent-seeming family dinner in a house in a remote, snowy area, with the horror movie catch that several killers are stalking them from outside in the night, with a bow-and-arrow as their weapons of choice. they killing each other with arrows and other tools. It’s violent, bloody, and an all-around good time watching Erin give the bad guys a run away for their money. It’s a different type of killing concept, You will like that movie.

Between A Horrible Way to Die, The Guest and You’re Next (let’s forget about the Blair Witch remake entirely), it’s easy to understand why Adam Wingard is still considered an upcoming director of interest. His films have a verve and sense of pacing that just crackles—they’re lean, mean and get to the point. You’re Next immediately sets up a premise that we’ve seen many times before, that of the “home invasion” style of horror-thriller.

Before subverting the genre’s expectations when our Final Girl proves to be far more adept and capable than any of the audience members realized—a moment that also transforms the film from “home invasion” into more of a pure slasher. From there, the story becomes more complex, as motivations and secret histories are revealed. The action, importantly, is viscerally shot and impactful, making for a film where each physical confrontation has real, concrete consequences.

Hell, it’s even a little funny now and then. Given that The Guest is a bit more thriller than horror, You’re Next remains Wingard’s best pure horror work to date.

#3. Hostel : 2005

This one was a big deal when it came out, and certainly pushed Eli Roth into the status of “horror filmmakers worth a damn” after his promising debut Cabin Fever movie. Very painful killing in this movie like cutting any parts of body, and using hard tools for kill. But where Hostel is best, Really, is if you don’t know what’s coming. For the first 45 minutes, if you don’t know any better, the movie is basically a sibling to the similar but very funny Eurotrip. And then, well, it earns its place on this list. Most of yet dangerous horror thriller slasher film. Don’t go for this one if you have a weak stomach. Seriously very dangerous.

#2. Hush : 2016

This one is most Scary horror movie. A woman in alone home middle of the jungle (woods), discovers she’s being stalked from outside her home by a masked killer. She track the lady and send her photo on her phone. She check who click her photo from outside. And the alone women get a killer. The fact that the film features a protagonist who is deaf adds a whole new terrifying element to an otherwise ordinary movie, as the audience learns of the slasher’s whereabouts well before she does.

#1. Girl House : 2014

I personally recommended you for this Amazing Horror slasher movie. I watched this and decided that I will put This one On Number 1. Girl House looks like typical cheesy B-horror slasher that we’ve been many times before.  some concept is adult 18+. But I was surprised to find, it is well produced slasher with best acting and amazing script.  It does have little bit of nudity and sexy 18+ scenes but the most of the movie is suspense thriller with lots of gore and violence.

The villain in the movie is solid and good looks.  We get little bit of back story of the villain, so we know his motive.  He has a normal job and is good with computer.  Basically, he was not over-the-top serial killer you see in some of the horror movies. The mask he wears is rather different and he runs like crazy when he runs over a girl which makes the movie even more suspensive.

Typically, down fall of the horror slasher and thriller is the acting. The pacing of the movie is good.  There aren’t any dull moments.  They spend only enough time setting up the main character without dragging too much. Most of the movie is the villain chasing and murdering these girls.

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